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Siemens iQ700 compact oven with microwave - CM656GBS1

Siemens iQ700 compact oven with microwave - CM656GBS1

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The optional fast Preheat function rapidly heats up the oven – without consuming more energy. Reducing the waiting time until your oven is ready. cool Start: Frozen yet full of flavor. The cool Start function speeds the cooking of frozen foods – no preheating necessary. That saves time and energy.

  • fast Preheat: reach the required baking temperature sooner; cool Start
  • Far less oven cleaning – Eco Clean Plus.
  • For fast cleaning, dirt is softened beforehand by vaporizing soapy water. It can then be removed
  • more easily – humid Clean.
  • Home Connect: access to your oven via smartphone or tablet.
  • cook Control Plus: guaranteed success for numerous dishes.
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