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Samsung 27kg Top Loader Washing Machine - WA27B8375GV/FA

Samsung 27kg Top Loader Washing Machine - WA27B8375GV/FA

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Wash faster and more efficiently with BubbleStorm™. Its 3 specialist functions clean clothes in 31 minutes*, using 20% less energy* and 23L less water*. Active Bubble™ helps detergent penetrate 2.5x faster**. A Dual Storm™ whirlpool cleans effectively. And Speed Spray™ cuts rinsing times.

Digital Inverter Technology
Save 40% energy* and enjoy effective cleaning with Digital Inverter Technology, which creates strong water currents. It utilizes strong magnets for a quieter** and more powerful performance, but uses less energy than a Universal Motor. It offers outstanding durability*** and a 20 year warranty.

Heavy Duty+
Enjoy highly concentrated detergent washing with the Heavy Duty+ cycle. It automatically starts washing using 20% more concentrated detergent for an intensive cleaning action. So it reduces the washing time by 21 minutes* and energy consumption by 11%*, but has the same washing.

Magic Filter
Works below the water line to trap lint that conventional washing machines miss. This ensures that your laundry is cleaner and your drain does not get clogged. It also has an indicator light to advise when it needs to be emptied.

With SmartThings, you're no longer forced to linger near your washing machine, listening for the signal anymore. Your phone, Samsung Smart TV, can alert you when the wash cycle is done, if the Smart Control status changes, or if any errors occur.

Soft Closing Door

VRT Technology

FINISH: Black Caviar                   

DIMENSIONS (W X H X D)mm: 700 x 1151 x 748 mm

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