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Samsung 24" AirDresser with Steam function - Mirror Finish - DF10A9500CG

Samsung 24" AirDresser with Steam function - Mirror Finish - DF10A9500CG

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  • Refresh and Sanitize
  • Deodorization with UV Deodorizing Filter
  • Long Dress Zone

Sanitize and refresh your clothes. The Sanitize function uses JetSteam to eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and kills 100% of house dust mites*. Wrinkle Care uses JetSteam and JetAir to smooth out creases in clothes. And JetSteam also removes odor causing gases and harmful substances.**

Deodorizing filter
Keep clothes fresh by deodorizing inside the cabinet.A Deodorizing Filter captures and removes odor-causing gases released from clothes and stops them creating an unpleasant smell and causing secondary contamination.It eliminates 99% of odors, such as sweat, tobacco, roasting meat and dry cleaning*.

Long Dress Zone
Clean long clothes much more conveniently. The AirDresser includes a Long Dress Zone that is specially designed to hold long dresses, coats or jackets. The left-hand side of the cabinet is 143cm in height, and can accommodate clothes that are 20cm longer than in the rest of the cabinet.

AI Dry
Enjoy faster drying using AI Dry technology with a humidity sensor. By continually sensing the humidity of the clothes it accurately detects how much they have dried and intelligently reduces the drying time accordingly. So your laundry is always dried thoroughly in the shortest possible time.


Drying Capacity
Capacity - Jacket 5 + Pants 5

Door - Crystal Mirror
Panel Display - Touch + LCD

Motor Spec (HP) - Digital Inverter Motor
Compressor - Digital Inverter Compressor

AI Pattern - Yes
Auto Cycle Link - Yes
JetSteam - Yes
Deodorizing Filter - Yes
Heatpump Drying - Yes
AI Dry - Yes
Humidity Sensor - Yes
Long Dress Zone - Yes
Descaling - Yes
Keep Fresh - Yes
Wrinkle Care - Yes
Smart Control - Yes
Child Lock - Yes
Delay End - Yes
AirHanger - 5
Pant Clipper - 5
Hanger Kit - No
Twist Hanger Kit - Yes
Shelf - Yes
Weight Kit - No
Fresh Finish - Yes
Smart Things - Yes
My Closet - Yes

Outdoor - Yes
Quick - Yes
Option List - Sanitize, Delay End, Child Lock
Bedding - Yes
Delicates - Yes
Daily Care - Yes
School Wear - Yes
Denim - Yes
Babywear - Yes
Toys - Yes
Suits - Yes
Wool/Knit - Yes
Down Jackets - Yes
Blouses/Dresses - Yes
Winter Coat - Yes
Fur/Leather - Yes
Accessories - Yes
Mask Sanitize - Yes
Self Clean - Yes
Dry - AI Dry, Quick Dry, Blouse Dry, Down Dry, Time Dry, Room Care

Physical specification
Net Dimension (W x H x D) - 595 x 1960 x 632 mm
Net Weight - 106 kg
Gross Dimension (W x H x D) - 679 x 2050 x 775 mm
Gross Weight - 114 kg

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