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Samsung 14kg Twin Tub - WT14J4200MB

Samsung 14kg Twin Tub - WT14J4200MB

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The Samsung 14kg Twin Tub has a washing tub that comes with a wash tray and the spinning tub has an air turbo spin dry feature that will leave your laundry fresh and well dried.

How A Twin Tub Works

The Samsung 14kg Twin Tub is a washing appliance with two tubs, as the name implies. One tub is for washing the clothes in, while the other is used for spinning the clothes dry. Clothes are manually moved from the washing to the spinning tub.
Twin tubs are advantageous as they tend to use less water than a normal front and top loader, making them ideal to use if you want to save water. The water can also be reused for more than one load. Further, the spinning tub spins clothes much drier than a normal machine which allows clothes to dry much faster.

Turbo Spin With Powerful Circulation

With an Air Turbo spin-drying system, your laundry will come out fresh and well-dried. Your wet clothes and blankets will get drier more efficiently due to the powerful circulation that rotates at a high speed, which will draw more air.

Dedicated Wash Tray

You can handwash delicate items or pre-treat your clothes in the dedicated EZ wash tray of the Samsung Twin Tub. The wash tray can be flipped up or down and is connected to the top lid of the washing tub. This wash tray will make your life easier because you will not have to hand wash your delicate washing in the sink.

Dimensions And Guarantee

The dimensions of the Samsung 14kg Twin Tub are H 1052mm x W 931mm x D 553mm, 


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