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Defy 5kg Air Vented Dryer - DTD230

Defy 5kg Air Vented Dryer - DTD230

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As a best-selling clothes dryer in southern Africa, you can expect a lot from the Defy 5kg Air Vented Dryer Manhattan Grey Dryer! Advancing the existing technology, Defy has been able to upgrade this compact model with a new control panel. This means you can choose between two heat settings, while also benefiting from the easy-to-access lint filter. For superior drying, this Defy appliance reverse-action tumbling features, and even the innovative anti-creasing feature, which saves you time and energy on unnecessary ironing. Available in the modern Manhattan Grey, this isn't a dryer you'll want to keep hidden in the scullery!

  • 5kg drying capacity
  • New control panel
  • Front air-vented dryer
  • Advanced pressurised cabin
  • Average family capacity
  • Reverse action tumbling
  • Two heat settings
  • Easy accessible lint filter
  • Door safety switch
  • Dimensions: 850 x 600 x 560 mm
  • Cycle
  • 130 minutes drying time
  • 10 minute cooling down cycle
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