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Defy 195lt Chest Freezer - DMF470

Defy 195lt Chest Freezer - DMF470

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Bulk buying means long-term cost savings and fewer unnecessary trips to the shops. But to start enjoying this way of life, you need the perfect companion – a Defy 195lt Chest Freezer DM470. With 195 litres of storage space and a moveable basket, you’ll be able to perfectly arrange your meals for the upcoming month, and with its quiet operation, it can be kept in your home without making itself obtrusive. Load shedding and spoiled food will be a concern of the past because this ‘A’ energy-efficient chest freezer is able to effectively keep items frozen for as long as 140 hours. The multi-mode control panel means you can retain the freezer setting, or even shift to ‘chiller’ or ‘fridge’ mode, depending on your particular needs at the time. The latest range includes a convenient new handle design and integrated lock, while the scratch-resistant marble-patterned top keeps this freezer looking good inside and out. With Defy, you can always be assured of reliability and quality, which is why all our chest freezers come with a five-year guarantee.

  • A energy efficiency
  • Total net capacity: 195 Litres
  • Chill-in technology
  • Manual defrost
  • Multimode control panel
  • Mode selection
  • > Fridge (1ºC to 8ºC)
  • > Chiller (-2ºC to 3ºC)
  • > Freezer (-24ºC to -15ºC)
  • New handle design and integrated lock
  • Marble patterned durable top
  • 1x plastic basket
  • Aluminum interior
  • Plastic hinge
  • Locking mechanism
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) - 860 x 751 x 725 mm
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