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Bosch Serie 2 Built-In Microwave with Grill - BEL653MS3

Bosch Serie 2 Built-In Microwave with Grill - BEL653MS3

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The built-in microwave for the 38 cm niche:
use it for extra fast thawing, heating and perfect preparation of foods.

  • A Sensor Detects When Food is Finished and Automatically Turns Off
  • Microwave: time saving preparation, defrosting and re-heating of dishes.
  • Auto Pilot 8: every dish is a perfect success thanks to 8 pre-set automatic programmed.
  • LED-display control, red: easy-to-use thanks to the time functions.
  • The side-opening hinged door: easy access to the cavity - no matter on which height the microwave is placed.

Technical Data

  • Type of control : Electronic
  • Color / Material Front : Stainless steel
  • Cavity dimensions : 205.0 x 310 x 334.0 mm


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