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Bosch Series 2 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Red - BGC05AAA2

Bosch Series 2 Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Red - BGC05AAA2

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  • Hygienic filter system: clean and filtered exhaust air
  • Air Cycle Technology: for high cleaning efficiency thanks to powerful centrifugal force.

- Powerful, clean and fast. And no bag. No follow up costs.
- New innovative HI Spin Motor with aerodynamic blades and perfectly calibrated air flow for high dust pick-up with low energy consumption

- Highly efficient dust separation system
- Pure Air hygienic filter: for cleaner exhaust air. Washable. No follow up costs.

- Compact size
- Weight: 4.44 kg (cylinder only)
- Easy handling for removal and emptying
- Variable suction control
- Ergo grip handle
- Dust container: 1.5 l useable volume
- Telescopic tube
- Parquet brush made from natural bristle to ensure delicate care of hard floors.
- 2 part accessory: upholstery nozzle and crevice tool
- Parking and storage aids
- Automatic cable rewind
- Operating radius: 9 m
- 2 large fixed wheels / 1 swivel wheel
- Measurements and calculations of values are based on Regulation (EU) No. 666/2013.
- Measurements and calculations of values which are not described in greater detail in this regulation, are performed according to EN 60312-1:2013.
- Noise level: 78db(A)

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