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BOSCH Robert Wet & Dry 1000W Vacuum Cleaner - RB00001

BOSCH Robert Wet & Dry 1000W Vacuum Cleaner - RB00001

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It is ideal for universal usage and can be used for blowing leaves outdoors, cleaning floors, and during DIY applications. For constant cleaning, this vacuum cleaner attaches directly to any current Bosch Home & Garden and various other manufacturers' power tools thanks to the flexible universal adapter and its conical shape.

Features and Specifications

Compact, easy to move and transport, ergonomic handle with High suction force for a perfect dirt collection.

Wet and dry vacuuming with one filter

Use the cartridge filter to vacuum both wet and dry materials without the need to change the filter during use. Clean the filter easily by tapping it on a hard surface or holding it under water.

Minimise clogging with filter protection

The pre-filter covers the cartridge filter to increase its durability and minimise clogging.
It can also be cleaned easily.

Blow leaves and dirt from hard-to-reach areas

Blow leaves and dirt from narrow or hard-to-reach areas with ease – simply switch from suction to blowing function by attaching the hose to the back of the vacuum cleaner.

- Floor nozzle for universal usage for cleaning both wet and dry materials
- All accessories are attached to the vacuum for convenient storage
- No need to change the filter, due to the built-in wet and dry cartridge filter
- Ideal for blowing leaves and dirt from hard-to-reach areas

  • Power input 1.000 W
  • Suction power 250 AW
  • Max. airflow (turbine) 65 l/s
  • Max. vacuum (turbine) 240 mbar
  • Container volume 15 l
  • Tool dimensions (L x W x H) 490 x 455 x 395 mm
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