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Bosch Induction Hob 90cm - PXX975KW1E

Bosch Induction Hob 90cm - PXX975KW1E

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The Flex Induction® hob: you can place multiple pots and pans or large cookware anywhere on the flexible cooking zone.

  • TFT-touch display: Clear text and pictures allow simple operation of the integrated touch display.
  • Perfect Cook: the sensor which can be additionally aquired, prevents overcooking and boiling over by precisely controlling the cooking temperature.
  • Assist: Automatic setting of the ideal power level recommendation of and cooking time for countless dishes.
  • Home Connect: Connected home appliances for an easier everyday life. (only in countries where Home Connect service is available)
  • Move Mode: the automatic setting of cooking levels allows fast boiling on the front, cooking on the middle and simmering on the rear cooking zone.
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