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Bosch 60cm Series 4 Induction Hob - PUE611BB5B

Bosch 60cm Series 4 Induction Hob - PUE611BB5B

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The Bosch 60cm Series 4 Induction Hob has 4 cooking zones equipped with 17 power levels and a frameless design. Additional functions such as the QuickStart function and PowerBoost, will help speed up the cooking process.


Frameless Design With Induction Technology

The Bosch 60cm Series 4 Induction Hob comes with TouchSelect control, so you can regulate the required cook zone easily. Combining looks with intelligent function and design. The frameless design adds elegance to any kitchen, while additional functions such as QuickStart and ReStart make cooking even easier.

This induction hob will generate heat only where it is needed, and it is extremely responsive. By adjusting the temperature precisely and instantly, you will have full control over the cooking process. 

Quick Start For Fast Cooking

When time is limited, the QuickStart function of this 60cm hob will come in handy. The QuickStart function will detect where you have placed your pot, and it will automatically display the cooking zone on the control interface. You can start immediately and select the desired cooking level for your pot.

Another benefit of this Bosch Hob is that it comes with a PowerBoost function, to provide an extra boost of power, thus speeding up the cooking process.

Dimensions And Guarantee

The dimensions of the Bosch 60cm Series 4 Induction Hob are H 51mm x W 592mm x D 522mm. 

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