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Bosch 1800W Contact Griller - TCG4215

Bosch 1800W Contact Griller - TCG4215

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Healthy, delicious cuisine. Prepare quality meals with style. Extra-high power rating of 2,000 watts – for particularly rapid heating and consistent heat output.

A wide range of possibilities thanks to three grilling positions: closed as a contact grill, open as a table grill or with top and buttom heat in the oven/gratin position as well as grilling plates that can be used on both sides. Separate temperature controllers for the top and bottom grilling plate guarantees that the food is always cooked to perfection.
Extensive features: grilling plates with fat drain and two fat drip trays.
Casserole dish for preparing au gratin dishes and cakes.

2,000 watts. For top-level performance.
It's great when you get top performance whenever you need it. The extra-high power rating of 2,000 watts enables extremely rapid heating and a consistently high level of heat output. For even quicker cooking and top results.

3-in-1 contact grill. Delicious cuisine in the wink of an eye.
Healthy cuisine, quick cuisine, delicious cuisine – the contact grill's three grilling positions open up virtually boundless possibilities for trying out creative ideas. Closed as a contact grill, open as a table grill, with top and bottom heat to bake, gratinate or warm up – for frying, grilling, gratinating or heating. Juicy steaks, tasty hamburgers, crispy, golden brown satay skewers, toast, paninis, sandwiches or focaccia – enjoy whatever takes your fancy. In addition it features grilling plates that can be used on both sides making them especially suitable for low fat grilling. Delicious, low-fat and healthy.

Removable die-cast aluminium grilling plates. The best choice even after the meal.
After you've enjoyed your meal, the contact grill is just as simple and effortless to clean as when you're preparing tasty grilled food. The high-quality die-cast aluminium grilling plates can be removed and therefore cleaned effortlessly. Cleaning the plates is a piece of cake, since they feature a non-stick coating and are dishwasher-proof.

Individual top and bottom heat settings for perfect results.
Cook like a professional: Separate temperature controllers for the top and bottom grilling plate make for excellent results every time – whether you're making meat, fish, potatoes, bread or vegetables, every item of food is cooked at the ideal temperature from both sides. Steaks, for instance, can be grilled to perfection: seared on the outside and still rosy on the inside. Quick, straightforward, easy – and without any annoying splashes of grease.

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