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Defy 28l Microwave Oven - DMO350

Defy 28l Microwave Oven - DMO350

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Large microwave oven capacity makes it easy to cook and heat all kinds of foods. Choose between 5 power levels and 6 pre-cook setting for all your needs.

Powerful Defy Microwave
900 Watt ensures all your foods get microwaved thoroughly. The choice between 5 power levels is also available so you can heat/cook your food in the best way possible. The Defy 28L White Microwave Oven is considered large and will accommodate you and your family.

Settings To Choose From
Besides 5 power levels to choose from on your Defy microwave. You can also choose between 6 pre-cook settings:

  • Baked potato
  • Popcorn
  • Pizza
  • Beverage
  • Frozen dinner
  • Reheat

LED display will keep you up to date on settings in use and time left. A digital clock will keep you on time. The 60-minute timer can also be used for all your timing needs.

Jet defrost allows you to defrost your food in the fastest and most efficient way. Weight defrost will microwave your food in the most accurate way based on weight. This will eliminate the need for you to estimate required times.

Defy 28L White Microwave Oven measures in at H 300mm x W 539mm x D 406mm.
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