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Defy 20l Microwave Oven - DMO367

Defy 20l Microwave Oven - DMO367

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Defy 20L Microwave Oven DMO367 has enough capacity to heat up your foods. From milk to pizza and pies, this microwave heats them all.

The six power level allows you to choose which heat is needed for your food. No one wants something heated on the outside and it’s still cold on the inside; with this microwave, you do not have to worry about this. Using only 700W of power, this one is made for any kitchen.


  • 30-minute timer
  • Door safety lock, to prevent children from getting access to the hot contents in the microwave
  • Easy to turn operating knobs

The Defy 20L Microwave Oven DMO368 is the same microwave but it is metallic and has a mirror door and it is also available to purchase from our website.

Defy microwave measures in at H 262mm x W 452mm x D 325mm.
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